Pictures of Sleep Tips for Psoriatic Arthritis

The Arthritis Foundation: “Psoriatic Arthritis Self Care,” “Psoriatic Arthritis Self Care Tips,” “13 Tips to Soothe Your Skin,” “Meditation: Benefits for People with Arthritis,” “Meditation for Arthritis: How To.”

UpToDate: “Patient education: Psoriatic arthritis (Beyond the Basics),” “Patient education: Arthritis and exercise (Beyond the Basics).”

American College of Rheumatology: “Exercise and Arthritis.”

Journal of Advanced Research: “Effectiveness of acupressure versus isometric exercise on pain, stiffness, and physical function in knee osteoarthritis female patients.”

Yoga Physical Therapy: “The ‘Magic’ Touch The Simple Guide to Acupressure from Your Own Home.”

## ## Mount Sinai Hospital: “Knee Acupoint Exercises.”

Aurora Health Care: “3 Acupressure Points That Can Relieve Body Pain.”

Health and Quality of Life Outcomes: “The impact of itch symptoms in psoriasis: results from physician interviews and patient focus groups.”

Seminars in Arthritis and Rheumatism: “The psychosocial burden of psoriatic arthritis.”

BioMed Research International: “Aromatherapy: Does It Help to Relieve Pain, Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Community Dwelling Older Persons?”

National Sleep Foundation: “Alcohol’s Effect on Sleep.”

Molecular Medicine Reports: “Chamomile: A herbal medicine of the past with a bright future.”

PLoS One: “Measurement, Classification and Evaluation of Sleep Disturbance in Psoriasis: A Systematic Review.”

British Journal of Dermatology: “Sleep quality and other patient reported outcomes improve after patients with psoriasis with suboptimal response to other systemic therapies are switched to adalimumab: results from PROGRESS, an open label Phase IIIB trial.”

Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology: “Improvement in aspects of sleep with etanercept and optional adjunctive topical therapy in patients with moderate to severe psoriasis: results from the PRISTINE trial.”

International Journal of Molecular Sciences: “Psychopathological Variables and Sleep Quality in Psoriatic Patients.”

Mayo Clinic: “Sleep and psoriatic arthritis,” “Insomnia treatment: Cognitive behavioral therapy instead of sleeping pills.”

Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine: “Psoriasis and Sleep Apnea: A Danish Nationwide Cohort Study.”

International Journal of Medical Sciences: “Temporomandibular Disorders in Psoriasis Patients with and without Psoriatic Arthritis: An Observational Study.”

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